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Meet your Digital Navigator

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Under the direction of the Instructional Technologist, the Digital Navigators provide individualized or small group assistance to instructional staff and students who need internet service, internet-capable devices, and/or coaching in introductory digital skills in order to become effective digital learners. This assistance is provided primarily in-person but may also include Zoom, telephone, email, text, video chat, and other communication methods that work for the learner.
The Digital Navigators' work is part of HCCTS’ efforts to achieve and maintain a 1:1 digital device environment, to elevate digital literacy agency-wide, reach instructional technology objectives, and provide equitable internet access and support for every student.
Language supports: 
  • Edrik Alcazar - Spanish
  • Natalia Aparatu - Romanian, Russian
  • Maria Carrasco - Spanish
  • Hanna Cherednyk - Russian, Ukrainian
  • Majid Cyrus - Dari, Farsi
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