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Meet the Team!
I enjoy cooking, traveling, and spending time with my family. I love visiting the beach and the California coast although I can’t swim!
Since 2015 I’ve been a referee for the women’s roller derby team Sacramento Roller Derby.
I like to ride ATVs, go rock crawling/four-wheeling and go camping.
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I love visiting nature places with my family, walking on the trails, and enjoying any noise out there. Also, something I really really enjoyed is going shopping with my mom and to the casino 😂 to lose some money 💲💰
Meet the Navigators!
My friends call me Memo. Teaching is my favorite thing in life. I am a college student majoring in communication, and I will be graduating in two semesters. After finishing college, I will be transferring to a University to earn a master's degree. And then, I will get closer to achieving my goal of becoming a college professor.  I love the quiet and enjoy drinking coffee at night. Caffeine doesn’t prevent me from having a good night's sleep. My kids, work, school, and all the other little things in life are what make me happy and grateful.
I love to travel, and my favorite hobby is sewing. I enjoy designing and making my own clothes.  I'm creative, I enjoy painting, writing, reading, and anything hands-on. I live for nature, camping, hikes, and forever chasing waterfalls! I consider nature my religion, and helping English learners is my passion. 
I visited five different countries this past year: Mexico, England, Spain, Italy & France. It was my first time going to another continent. I had an amazing time and hope to continue visiting different countries and learning more about their culture and cuisine. 
I grew up in Ukraine but my ethnicity is a mix of many nationalities. That's why I love meeting new people of different cultures and backgrounds, making new connections, and discovering things to learn from each person. Also, I love books and poetry. I enjoy reading both Ukrainian and Russian authors as well as authors who write in English. My favorite book is The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. For outdoor fun, I prefer open water swimming. I feel so blessed to be living in California where there is so much sunlight and so many beautiful places to enjoy nature.