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Plans and Outcomes


No one can really be sure what the future holds, but what we can promise is that any planning we do here at Highlands is with our school’s stakeholders and core values in mind. These core values are as follows:

Benefit The Public Good

We exist first and foremost to serve the public. We do this specifically, by serving our adult students. By serving these students’ educational needs, our work goes on to serve the families of our students, which then helps to better support our communities.

Save Taxpayers Money

Money is the lifeblood of the economy and of our organization. Our organization is based on the core concept that we help our students to become “tax makers” not “tax takers.” This means that our goal is to be financially net positive for taxpayers, such that the public funding we receive is offset by the reduction in public services our students use.

Be Knowledge-Driven

While many organizations work to be “data-driven,” we recognize that often the most valuable and important aspects of a school cannot be measured in a purely quantitative form that is “objective.” Thus, while we continuously seek data to help inform our knowledge, we make decisions not only using the data but also recognizing that important changes often need to come from the knowledge and expertise of our staff.

Put Professionalism At The Forefront

As an organization, we have high expectations for our teachers and staff. But, in return, we provide an environment that supports the professionalism of instructors, along with resources to support their continual improvement. Further, instead of attempting to micromanage their curricula, we measure the effectiveness of our teachers primarily through their outcomes.

“Just Do It”

We recognize that the top-performing organizations of the world are those that truly implement continual improvement. Further, while administration must always be in the loop about major projects, this does not mean that they need to be in the way of major projects. With talented people, comes the ability to appropriately delegate, and allow them to “just do it.”




Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)




School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

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